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Psychology of bisexual teen

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The finding runs counter to the idea that bisexuality is an experimental or transitional period for women who, for instance, are uncertain or have fear of commitment.

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Williams, and Douglas W.

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Not all teens should tell their parents about their orientation, and others may want to wait a while after making a decision to disclose their sexual identity, given the possible negative repercussions 9.

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Young people from ethnic or racial minorities may be at increased risk, with feelings of vulnerability and a perception of increased stress

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Gay or lesbian students may disclose their own sexual orientation to a preceptor or mentor after an open discussion of these issues.

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Both male and female teens may have questions about reproductive options, although few gay or lesbian teens plan to have children in the near future.

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Klein, Fritz, M.

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The Lives of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals:

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Can Psychology of bisexual teen