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Even higher than the white ones she had had on the day we had our little encounter.

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She was wearing a light blue sweater and a dark blue skirt that came about midway down her legs—not much to look at reallythough I already had a good idea of what her legs looked like.

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After I had stopped shivering and she had stopped quivering we lay still, my face still buried in her nylon covered pussy.

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Never-ending joy and dozens of the most powerful orgasms will be brought to you by exquisite looks of these stunning ladies being all dressed in stockings.

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This caused her skirt to slide up another inch or two and I thought I was gong to cream in my shorts, but I didn't.

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Laura had a grimace on her face now—her mouth was open and her features were all squinched up—and again I recognized this as a sign of sexual pleasure because I had seen it on the face of the girl at school when I rubbed my finger over her pussy.

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I could feel how slick and slippery her panty hose had become, soaked as they were with her cunt juice and I smelled what has always been my favorite perfume— wet pussy—and I felt the little shakes of pleasure against my cheek that she gave as her orgasm slowly ebbed away and left her satisfied and with a delicious smile on her face.

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I made sure to rub each toe separately and Laura really seemed to enjoy that because she nestled down into the couch a bit more and said, "oh yeah.

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I hadn't even really eaten her pussy—she just pressed my face against her cunt as she was cumming.

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But I just didn't know.

I decided that the time had come for boldness.

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