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I work for a asshole

5 Factors to Help You Handle an Asshole

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You might blend into the background by saying as little as possible, being boring, doing work that is neither terrible nor terrific, and hiding behind a bland and blank expression.

Facial side effects

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What if it means you put something on screen that is less than ideal?

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Act on your impulses — Yes, I understand that some people piss you off.

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So, regardless of the results of our encounters with assholes, if we decide to say no to them, we will remain in control of our career.

Not Asshole Bosses

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They will always win.

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Finally, if it still continues, you leave the set.

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Get revenge — Really?

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A boss asking you to get coffee for him when that task is in your job description does not make him a jerk.

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And then think about what to do next.

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What day, time, time zone, format.

And then think about what to do next.

Assholes are everywhere.

You have more to benefit from putting up with them than you do trying to break them down.

Look at your situation and make a decision.

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I work for a asshole