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You can help keep the prolapse from coming back.

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Don't strain while having a bowel movement.

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Or surgery might involve removing a section of the large intestine that is no longer supported by the surrounding tissue.

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Straining during bowel movements.

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People who have a complete prolapse or who have a partial prolapse that doesn't improve with a change in diet will need surgery.

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Changes in diet often are enough to improve or reverse a prolapse of the lining of the rectum partial prolapse.

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The feeling of not being able to empty the bowels completely.

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It's also important to address the underlying cause of prolapse, such as straining and constipation, to reduce the risk of recurrence.

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Laparoscopic mesh rectopexy is a keyhole procedure which involves pulling up the rectum and fixing it in place with a use of a mesh in the pelvis.

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If it is not treated, you may have more problems.

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