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Simpson chubby brush

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Each handle has unique veins and nuances that vary from piece to piece, making this product extremely exclusive and unique.

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Super badger is actually what Simpsons call for the Silvertip badger hair.

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They are widely known and accepted as one of the best shaving brushes if not the best.

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For very close to original price as well.

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Much softer.

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These are what makes the Simpson famous, they are incredibly dense packed, and crafted with utmost care.

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With each Simpson brush you actually buy a piece of history.

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Simpson takes hairs enough for two brushes, and pack them in a single brush.

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This is literally how chubby shaving brushes are created.

Final cleaning of your Simpson shaving brush This is the most "critical" phase for all brushes.

A Chubby 2 Super Badger is a great example.

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Well Simpson chubby brush