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Group placement

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The result of the CRUSH function will also change and some objects from the former placement groups Group placement be copied over to the new Placement Groups and removed from the old ones.

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Specify a name for the group.

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When the number of placement groups increases, the new placement groups will be assigned OSDs.

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No two partitions within a placement group share the same racks, Group placement, allowing you to isolate the impact of hardware failure within your application.

Cluster Placement Groups

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If an OSD dies, recovery will keep going faster unless it is blocked by another bottleneck.

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As an example, for a cluster with OSDs and a pool size of 3 replicas, you would estimate your number of Group placement as follows:

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It may take a long time for a new OSD added to the cluster to be populated with placement groups that were assigned to it.

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To increase the number of placement groups for placement, execute the following:

Partition Placement Groups

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You should then check if the result makes sense with the way you designed your Group placement cluster to maximize data durabilityobject distribution and minimize resource usage.

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In a nutshell, Group placement, more OSDs mean faster recovery and a lower risk of cascading failures leading to the permanent loss of a Placement Group.

The amount of time it takes for this recovery to complete entirely depends on the architecture of the Ceph cluster, Group placement.

How are Placement Groups used?

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