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Sperm whales in florida

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Each of the flippers has seven carpalsand a variable number of phalanges in the digits, reportedly ranging from two in the first digit to as many as 10 in the second digit.

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They have massive 4-chambered hearts, which weigh around pounds!

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Females are slightly larger than the males.


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Taxonomy[ edit ] Illustration from the 19th century The pygmy sperm whales was first described by naturalist Henri Marie Ducrotay de Blainville in

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A narrow tube runs from the second to the third, or pyloric, stomach, which is also glandular, and connects, via a sphincterto the duodenum.

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Behaviour[ edit ] The whale makes very inconspicuous movements.

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Right whale sightings are not frequent; there are only about 75 sightings reported each winter.

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Adult males can grow to a length of 60 feet, and weigh up to 50 tons.

Fat on the interior of the melon has a lower molecular weight lipid than the surrounding outer melon.

Adult males average feet in length, sometimes growing to a length of 65 feet, and weigh up to 17 tons.

Ambergrisa waste product produced by the whales, was also valuable to whalers as it was used by humans in cosmetics and perfume.

Adult males can be up to 78 feet long, with females being slightly larger.

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