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The redhead was fantastic in command, handling a ship half made up of former terrorists and a long voyage home, kicking ass easily in battle and taking on a variety of strange foes.

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The loss of Yar was a big one, since she had the potential to develop into one of the most interesting characters on the show.

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Commander Deanna Troi of The Next Generation is a gorgeous half-Human, half-Betazoid who can soothe damaged souls, offer sound counsel, and sense emotions.

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Even the elder Janeway from an alternate future retained this sexy side and Mulgrew made the role a woman who handled command as easy as breathing while still being hotter than most of her crew and still a fantastic looker today.

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With her long dark hair and unique spotted marks going down her body a few times she showed off in bikinis that showed they went all the way downDax was a great character with lovely humor and drive.

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Sisko is everything a captain should be:

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This included various bits like Ryan captured the great sex appeal of the character but also her inner strength trying to be human again and battling for acceptance.

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At first suspicious of the Federation, Kira became a good ally and Nana Visitor looked terrific in the role, sexy but with a great strength, kicking ass easily and taking no crap from anyone no matter what.

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Like any Vulcan, she's generally logical, calm, and matter of fact; avoiding lies and demanding the best out of everyone around her.

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For the reboot movie, Zoe Saldana took on the role of an even tougher Uhura, much better at combat, kicking ass nicely and even carrying on a relationship with Spock.

Riker has to run off to the Holodeck, panting and sweating, immediately after she works her wiles on him.

Originally a member of the terrorist Maquis, she was forced to join with the Voyager crew to survive in a distant galaxy and the top engineer.

He doesn't mince words but his humanity keeps him grounded and able to make decisions that impact his whole crew.

Redheads really do have a lot more fun.

The decision to give her that hair color was made by Barney Burmanwho was also involved in designing her makeup as well as those of other aliens in the film Star Trek.

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