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Disguising Hate: How Radical Evangelicals Spread Anti-Islamic Vitriol on Facebook

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Hillary Clinton recently suggested that Republicans who oppose Planned Parenthood resemble "terrorist groups" and that conservatives who oppose illegal Obma jack ass want to use Nazi-like "boxcars" to deport millions.

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I didn't see, after he made that speech in the United Nations, suddenly the nation coalition that we have start lining up behind him.

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The former president first used the epithet to describe West in leaked interview footage after the rapper famously interrupted singer Taylor Swift's VMA acceptance speech.

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But America becomes more vulnerable when the president only knows how to insult, and thinks our foreign enemies give a damn about his sneering blather.

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The rest of the world makes up ours.


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No one "allows" mass shootings to happen other than those who refuse to arm guards or give potential victims the ability to protect themselves.

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That's because he's a jackass.

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Joe Biden infamously stated in that Republicans wanted to put black people "back in chains.

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Kanye West gets it President Trump speaks on receiving support from famous hip-hop artist Following up a whirlwind week of pro-Trump tweets and freewheeling interviews, Obma jack ass, rapper Kanye West on Tuesday called out former President Barack Obama for failing to apologize for calling him a "jackass" multiple times.

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No one will stop Putin or Assad, including Obama.

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The rest of the world makes up ours.

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The main problem with this tactic isn't its cynical political use — it's that Obama thinks it actually works.

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