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Her baton is not just for show, as Nonon is a conductor as well.

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All too frequently the way that the bodies moves looks simply grotesque.

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While during a large portion of the h-scenes, it depicts more of a foggy and dimly light locale.

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Nonon's own outfit is unchanged between the Grave and Presto forms.

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Saki Tsukikawa and her older brother live with their father, who happens to be an ecologist.

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This form of the Symphony Regalia is armed with numerous weapons, including enormous recorder-shaped rockets fired from the bottom of the machine, cymbal blades launched from the front around Nonon's "cockpit", powerful woofers that fire waves of concussive bass beats, streams of glowing music sheet-like beams with enough power to demolish the ground, and an array of laser bolts, sometimes heart-shaped.

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The upper thrusters resemble church organ pipes, while the lower ones resemble recorders.

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However, some of the best h-scenes offer Shiina in her birthday suit and we can appreciate that.

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Nonon's Symphony Regalia Grave can reconfigure into an enormous airship, with Nonon suspended on the front like a figurehead.

This is especially noticeable when it pans over the many girls whose sections were skipped in the adaptation, with saggy breasts, wide torsos, and thin arms that look pinned on.

Shiina came up to Kota and had a proposal for him.

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