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Chinese women take care a lot of themselves and they can take hours to apply makeup.

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Indeed, they are scared about the composition of the product.

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Indeed, during the period of the King and the Queen wearing traditional dress Hanfu in China, makeup was almost an obligation for woman:

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The solution is not only limited to practicing self-acceptance and love, but also with diverse representation in media and acceptance within our own community.

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By contrast, in modern Western culture, having a tan is perceived as trendy, healthy, and sporty.

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Smokey eyes Smokey eyes is now a look well known all over the world.

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Every dark colors can make a good smokey effect.

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While it is true that Choi has beautiful skin, her routine is specific to her skin type, stated as combination, so the routine may not guarantee the same result for others.

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In China, makeup sales are rapidly starting again.

His voice was condescending.

Darker skin was associated with being in a lower class, because it usually meant that they spent more time outside working, while those of higher class had lighter skin.

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