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Selinium in sperm

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Of the men who were obese

Cervical cancer and orgasm

Analysis of the relationship between defective sperm function and the generation of reactive oxygen species in cases of oligozoospermia.

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The effect of selenium supplementation in subfertile males.

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Kaur R, Parshad VR.

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The association of age and semen quality in healthy men.

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Selinium in sperm levels of ROS have been correlated with decreased sperm motility, 24 increased sperm DNA damage, 25 sperm cellular membrane lipid peroxidation, 26 and decreased efficacy of oocyte—sperm fusion.

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Estrogen-like substances called xenoestrogens in the environment are likely to play a role in both contributing to men's obesity and their poor sperm quality.

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Even if you smoke less than five daily cigarettes, it is enough to impair the ability of sperm cells to attach themselves to the egg.

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However, as the provision of additional vitamins had no effect on any variable measured it was considered justified to combine the two selenium-treated groups and compare them with the placebo treatment.

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Preliminary studies on influence of selenium deficiency to the developments of genital organs and spermatogenesis of infancy boars.

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