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Other times, I can't convince my face and body to do something sexy at the same time.

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On set, Ribinik opted for a Lana Del Rey -based soundtrack, and her makeup artist took her time making me look picture-perfect.

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The result is always a weirdly cropped, uncomfortable-looking photo that I'd rather delete than send to anyone else.

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So you'll just have to imagine all the sexy boudoir butt pics that inspired my shoot.

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Before long, the moment of truth arrived:


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Would this effort I exerted to educate myself on how to take hot nudes actually result in hotter nudes?

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Plus, I really like the way it turned out.

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Courtesy of Evgenia Ribinik This one is just.

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But I forgot to shut my closet door before snapping the pic, which put a damper on the final product.

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When it came to doing, well, pretty much anything else the photographers had taught me to do, I failed.

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Apparently, though, I'm not adult enough to act on either of these notions.

Sometimes the lighting is dim or the camera lens on my phone is dirty.

Ribinik took a different approach.

Ribinik took a different approach.

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