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Film strip font

FilmStrip Character Map:

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The positive film character A, Film strip font, as a result of exposure to the light 48, remains visible on the band 36 to indicate the position of the previously exposed plate covered position Film strip font the character A on the paper strip 40 so that the film strip 10 may be manually shifted longitudinally, in either direction with respect to the paper strip 40 and the opening 42, to position the next selected character of the film strip 10 in position for exposure through the opening 42, for example the letter N FIG.

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The film strip 10 is manually positioned so that a selected character, for example the character A, is disposed within the opening 42 and a source of light, indicated at 48, Film strip font, is energized a selected duration of time for photographically exposing the character A and its color separated Film strip font defined by the film strip

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In carrying out the invention, Film strip font type font is selected, preferably using both upper and lower case characters, which are modified manually or by using any known graphic modifier of type fonts, for example, my U.

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Similarly the register marks 14, 18 and 22 are exposed on the paper strip 40 at the respective ends of the message FIG.

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Description of Film strip font Prior Art It is well known in graphic arts to use commercial dry transfer sheets containing characters of the alphabet to form cuts or headings on artwork ready for photoengraving or photography.

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An example of words exposed on the paper strip 40 from the film strip 10 and developed in a conventional manner is shown at 40' FIG, Film strip font.

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When the developed paper strip 40' is to be used as a portion of a graphic design the paper strip 40' is longitudinally divided, between the words, Film strip font, as by cutting along the dotted lines

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The principal object of this invention is to provide negative film strips of type fonts having color separation components of each character thereon in identically spaced superposed relation with Film strip font to each character for accurate printing registration of photoengraved color plates with base plates.

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The positive proof of the type font and each of the strips of color separated overlays are arranged in a flat plane in superposed parallel relation.

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An example of words exposed on the paper strip 40 from the film strip 10 and developed in a conventional manner is shown at 40' FIG.

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