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Will you lose your virginity

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Yes, we know.

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Also, don't kid yourself into thinking that sex will turn a casual hookup into a relationship.

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Or at least

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This is totally false!

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But the truth is, that sign won't come from anyone else

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When it comes to sex, all of the action happens in your vaginal canal which is where you put a tampon in and where period blood comes out.

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You're passionately kissing your s.

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If you're picturing something sealing off your vagina like plastic wrap, know that's just not the case.

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To prep for sex we're mostly talking penis-vagina intercourse hereyour body needs a warm-up phase of kissing, touching, etc.

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Keep reading to find out things that no one tells you about losing your virginity.

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Will you lose your virginity you have
Will you lose your virginity