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Be with someone who gives you butterflies, makes you smile and makes you feel horny.

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When Phoebe says that she is going to 'pack my ass off' Ross then says 'I think I'm going to get some coffee cause my ass is already packed' and the rest of the gang look at him in disgust.

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I can picture him now kissing me, feeling me up, moving his lips from my mouth to my breast, twirling.

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The gang are talking about the things they did in London, however Rachel was only there for the wedding, so it is impossible for Rachel to have been there.

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When Monica is knocking to call Rachel, she has no sock in the hand.

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When the episode opens with Monica and Chandler in the bathtub and Monica says "you look cute in bubbles" her hair is dry.

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I want to feel your scent, taste, and skin tonight and each night we are together.

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When Rachel is telling Ross she loves him in Central Perk, the cups at Ross's table keep moving around.

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