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9. Seo Ha Joon’s masturbating video scandal

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Open World Entertainment sexual abuse scandal In an abuse of power, the agency had a whole system of sexual abuse.

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Meanwhile, police have recently finished their investigation in the director and are waiting for a court date to be set.

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Later that year, Seo Ha Joon admitted that it was indeed him in the video and has continued to stay out of the spotlight.

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Later more victims would step forward claiming Lee Youn Taek sexually harassed, abused, and used violence against them.

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Even after continuously denying these charges, the court found him guilty.

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In the video the man in question strips while facing the camera.

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After fully stripping, he begins to masturbate.

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After police thoroughly investigated the claims, it was revealed the accuser and the massage parlor owner had fabricated the claims and stood on charges of filing false reports.

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The news first came up when a former actress belonging to the troop posted anonymously online that she was sexually abused her.

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Inthe CEO of Open World Entertainment, Jang Seok Woo, was arrested on suspicion of sexually abusing female trainees and coercing male idols signed to his agency to do so as well.

NA due to some hints by a Korean news site.

After denying the rape allegations Park Shi Hoo raised a case of defamation against A, but his acting career began to suffer from the accusations.

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