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Cervical cancer and orgasm

Can I feel my cervix?

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What is a cervical orgasm?

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The good news is that cervical cancer is preventable!

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Instead, get all the way turned on here are some ideas to do that first.

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However, as I mentioned above it can also feel unpleasant.

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Most studies showed no differences in the ability to achieve an orgasm.

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It may help to know what an orgasm actually is so you understand the changes you may experience during masturbation or intercourse.

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This is loosely anatomically correct… Can I feel my cervix?

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Have your partner sit on the edge of a couch or chair.

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It can also cause the vagina to bleed more easily and some women find they bleed during or after sex.

What and where is my cervix?

Previous Topic Fertility and cervical cancer Messages to others about cervical cancer Next Topic Sex and sexuality after cervical cancer Both being diagnosed with cervical cancer and undergoing treatment can affect how a woman feels about herself sexually.

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Many women we interviewed had felt very anxious Cervical cancer and orgasm having sex after their treatment in case it would cause bleeding, be painful, or that it would feel very different to how it felt before treatment, or even that it might make the cancer return.

Some women report having very intense, full-body orgasms that begin in the cervix and spread through the entire abdomen or even the whole body.

The good news is that cervical cancer is preventable!

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