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How to perform anal intercourse

Increased risk of bacterial infection

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Lack of lubrication and thinner tissues increase the risk of friction-related tears in the anus and rectum.

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The receptive partner can slowly back up onto the insertive partner to control depth and pace.

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If it hurts, stop!

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Another really common cause is a hemorrhoid yup, we're talkin' hemorrhoids, folks you didn't know about.

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It also does not have the saliva of the mouth.

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This is a series of medications that can reduce a person's risk of getting HIV.

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Anal sex can irritate existing hemorrhoids for some people.

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While hemorrhoids can be unpleasant and painful, they are easily treated and very preventable.

Try some new positions.

If you're both down to ramp up your anal game, read on.

You can tear your anus if you use a certain position that allows for more penetration before you're ready, and Taormino points out that the missionary position allows for the least clitoral stimulation and suggests receiver-on-top for beginners.

Emily Morse advises keeping baby wipes on the nightstand and to "never use the same condom going from vaginal to anal and back again.

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