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The great thing about squats is that there are a ton of different variations to use to help sculpt the perfect posterior.

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If squatting hurts your knees, try squatting with a significantly wider stance to reduce the strain.

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Deadlifts Like the squat, there are a number of deadlift variations that allow you to really hammer the glutes.

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Science and Practice of Strength Training.

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Our larger glute muscles are one of the main reasons that us humans can stand upright.

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But the short answer is still no.

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But the short answer is still no.

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This is what makes it so effective for building a great ass.

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This is a great way to activate the muscles, which will help stimulate growth, and add more volume without burning yourself out.

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Squatting is not something that comes easily to most, and it is grueling, taxing, and generally a bastard.

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Failure to do so will invariably lead to mockery from friends and family and dismal showings at meets, and will prevent you from becoming as awesome as you know you can be.

In my opinion, the squat gives you the exact measure of a man or woman.

Form Tips:

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It's not like a balloon.

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