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No two people are going to have exactly the same tastes in bed, but those who share the same sign might have more in common than you'd think, like some hidden erogenous zones and favorite sex positions.

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The receiver lies on her side, supporting her upper body by resting on her elbow.

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If it is too high or too low it could cause cramping in his legs.

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This position proves their creative even in the bedroom, not to mention flexible!

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The seventh sign of the zodiac, air sign Libra—born between September 23 and October 22—is known to be charming, social, diplomatic, and peace- and balance-seeking.

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They like creativity, novelty and entertainment.

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While standing, have your partner enter you from behind — then invite them to lean in and whisper sweet nothings or dirty somethings

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Taurus, ruler of the neck and throat, appreciates any position that gives their partner ample opportunity to kiss and caress their neck — like being entered from behind while standing pictured above or missionary with their legs wrapped around their partner for extra closeness.

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